Garage Makeover

Need to clear the clutter? Hide away those old baby clothes and Christmas decorations? Let Bosancu Construction help you see your garage in a bran new way. You can expect a complete garage makeover with a solution that is right for you and all your treasures. Your garage remodel includes custom flooring, organization, storage cabinets, ceiling storage, specialty organizers, and wall racks. We can also give you showroom-quality floors that are durable and long lasting.



Garage solution Ideas

1. Flooring – For garage floors, the best solution is a material that is durable, stain resistant, and easy to clean.

Epoxy resin products are most recommended because it is a coating for your garage floor that is incredibly durable and stylish. It comes in many colors and design options. This is the way to go if you are looking for a quality showroom floor.

Another flooring option is aluminum chequer (?) plating. This gives you a high-tech look for your garage and comes in sheets. Unlike PVC tiles, this kind of plating doesn’t need to be attached to an underlayment.

Concrete staining and finishing. Concrete staining is a natural way to go for your garage floor. It can be combined with a modern, traditional or high-tech type garage. It is a beautiful low maintenance option with lots of colors and design options.

2. Storage – Storage options for garages are endless. There are many designs and styles whether you are looking for a more modern look with frosted glass cabinets or a traditional look with wood. We install wall cabinets and racks, pantry cabinets, overhead storage racks for plastic storage bins, workbenches and closet type cabinets.

3. Insulation – Most garages and garage doors are not well insulated, therefore not a comfortable place to be in the cold winter months. We offer garage door insulation options to help keep the heat in so you can enjoy your garage even in the winter months.