Planning and Design

Planning your new project can be an overwhelming time for any homeowner. You have to make decisions on color, location and of course cost. Bosancu Construction can help lift a weight off your shoulders with our design services. We can help you visualize your new addition or project by creating a 3-D illustration of your new addition, deck or newly-designed area using a drafting program.  This service is beneficial in helping you plan your new or existing space to its full potential. Our design service affords us the opportunity of visually reviewing your plans with you in advance of the construction and thus minimizing problems in design that can delay completion, not to mention added expense.


1. Put together a scrapbook of ideas! If you see a picture in a magazine of a particular countertop or wallpaper you like, start by collecting photos, textures and colors to begin forming design concepts for your space.

2. Set limits on your budget. We can all dream about having that exotic stone countertop that costs $10,000 for one piece, but it’s smart to start out realistically. Many times, being human, we get carried away with elaborate ideas. Then when you get the bid in hand, you’re surprised by the actual cost.    To avoid sticker shock, keep costs in mind when choosing/brainstorming design ideas for your home.

3. Go Shopping!  Go to a paint shop and look at palates of colors that work well together so you are prepared with a color scheme. You can also go to your local showroom and look at the tiles and hardwood designs they have. The options are endless, so it is a good idea to put together a scrapbook or work board of ideas for your particular space.