Home Additions

Home Additions

First and most importantly, home additions are about more than adding space and value to your home; they are about loving  your home! Of course we all think about the investment, but remember a home addition is about enjoying the space you created with your family and friends…and yourself! Whether it’s a great new room, kitchen, sun room or master suite, it’s all about personal enjoyment and satisfaction.

Home additions can also change the entire look and size of your home as well as increase your homes functionality and worth. Building an addition onto your home is a good investment and usually more inexpensive then selling your existing home to buy a new one.

Bosancu Construction can help you create the perfect new space to your home. We make sure that the interior flows with the existing home and the exterior looks as if it were always part of your original house.

Bosancu Construction

1. Be Open Minded

When creating your new space, be open to new possibilities. For example, in a new bathroom be open to moving your vanity to a new location — not just its previous location. Being open to change allows you to use your new space to its full potential!

2. Expand Efficiently

Though additions are about getting extra room, they don’t need to be large. As you plan, consider taking space from nearby closets or hallways to keep your addition at a reasonable size. For example, a walk-in shower only requires a few feet of space. Taking a few feet from the adjacent laundry room can transform your entire bathroom.

3. Materials

A perfect siding match can help make a new addition look like it’s a part of the original house design. However, it isn’t always possible to make an exact match nor is it always pleasing to the eye. Choosing materials of the same time period and color range but with slightly different textures can be just as effective at incorporating your new addition into your existing home.

4. Scaling is Important!

You don’t want your new mother-in-law apartment to look like a monster that ate the house. Nor do you want to add a sunroom so small that it looks more like a shed than an entrance. Keep things in proportion to your house.

5. Detail Detail Detail

Keeping the character of the main home is key to a well-designed addition. Using two completely different materials or design styles can really make your new space clash, even on the smallest of details. Carefully consider all architectural details on the original areas of your home. This includes: windows, trim, doors, gutters, lighting, and hardware. For example, if you have white trim in your original structure, I wouldn’t recommend putting a natural wood trim in the addition unless you plan to change the whole house. Paying attention to small details can make all the difference in keeping your two areas, old and new, in unison.